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Coming to a Community near you Fall 2015: R+L Carrier’s Hometown Showcase!

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Do you think your high school sports team has the best fans and rivalries around? Prove it! We’d love to come and see what’s going on in your town! R+L Carriers is looking for the best schools and communities in the country to highlight in our upcoming Hometown Showcase tour. As a company founded in a tiny town in Ohio, we are thankful to the communities, both big and small, that have helped us to grow. We’d like to show our gratitude by investing in the pride of your hometown, your high school! We’d love to showcase what makes your hometown special. We’re ready to go, all we need is your recommendations!

Why would I want the Hometown Showcase at my event?

Easy, in addition to normal excitement of the big game we bring:

Don’t have a huge rivalry game on the schedule? No problem!

We are perfectly suited for a variety of community events including:

We’d love to help you to take your town’s next big game or community event to the next level and get the attention you deserve! See you there!