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Hometown Showcase Delivers Successful Weekend

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We delivered more than packages this past weekend. The R+L Carriers Hometown Showcase rolled into three communities, delivering community engagement, career opportunities and educational scholarships.

Collins Career Tech Center

Located in Chesapeake, Ohio, Collins Career Tech Center prepares students, youth and adult, to enter the workforce, and advance in today’s competitive job market. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) School, graduates are equipped with the essential tools for success when entering the job market. STEM skills give R+L Carriers applicants an edge, whether applying for our positions in IMT (Information Technology) or Mechanics.

Collins Career Tech

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) School, graduates are equipped with the essential tools for success when entering the job market.

Collins Career Tech Center students toured the Hometown Showcase hauler to learn about various career opportunities suited for STEM school alumni.  If you’re interested in a similar career, visit our Career Center to learn more.

Wright State University – April Craze

April Craze is an annual tradition at Wright State University that includes live music, local food vendors, inflatable games and the presence of numerous student organizations. This year R+L Carriers Hometown Showcase provided our interactive entertainment hub. Despite this event not sanctioned as an official job fair, students were able to talk to R+L Carriers representatives about career opportunities upon graduation.

The Cornhole Challenge was a big hit at the hauler too – make the first of four tosses and receive an official Hometown Showcase stadium seat. Make at least one of the other three tosses and receive an official Hometown Showcase blanket. P.S. nobody left empty-handed!

Wright State April Craze

The Cornhole Challenge was a big hit at the hauler.

Coldwater High School – Double Header Baseball Game

The Hometown Showcase goal is to support achievement in communities around the country. In December, the Hometown Showcase was a sponsor for the 2015 OHSAA Football Championships. The three-day event in Columbus, Ohio featured 14 Ohio high school football teams, including the Coldwater High School Cavaliers. The Cavs beat Canton Central Catholic for the Division V State Championship and were ushered into the R+L Carriers Hometown Showcase Championship Zone, a pep rally for the winners that featured drumlines, cheerleaders and fans from the school. The athletic department received a $1,000 Scholarship on behalf of R+L Carriers to be given to a student demonstrating servant leadership, sportsmanship and dedication to their community.

Four months later the Hometown Showcase and Coldwater High School have connected again, this time at a double-header baseball game this past Saturday. In addition to the action on the field, off the field a R+L Carriers presented a  $1,000 scholarship to a Coldwater High School athlete, Mitch Clune. Football player Mitch Clune, a senior at Coldwater High School is a leader on and off the field and looks forward to studying Chemical Engineering this fall at The Ohio State University.

Mitch Clune Coldwater High School

R+L Carriers presented a $1,000 scholarship to a Coldwater High School athlete, Mitch Clune.

Delivering opportunities to students across America through community engagement is the purpose of the Hometown Showcase. If you are interested in having our team and hauler at your next tech school event, college fair or sporting event, let’s get rolling and contact us today! If you’re interested in a career in logistics, customer service, sales, technology and more visit our Career Center to learn more.


Transportation Day

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With every community event, it’s our goal to let people know that there a variety of careers within the logistics industry that lead to a bright future. R+L Carriers Hometown Showcase participated in this year’s edition of Transportation Day at Sonshine Preschool. This annual event is a collaboration of different modes of transportation from the entire Clinton County area, our own hometown.

Sonshine Preschool

R+L Carriers Hometown Showcase participated in this year’s edition of Transportation Day at Sonshine Preschool.

The Future is Bright

Students, filled with excitement, surrounded the Hometown Showcase hauler throughout the day.  Although the students at Sonshine Preschool are a few years away from applying for career opportunities with R+L Carriers, our team saw a glimpse of future truck drivers, software developers, customer service representatives and project managers.

Hometown Showcase Sonshine preschool

Sonshine Preschool student with dad in front of the Hometown Showcase hauler at Transportation Day.

Touring the Hauler

Our technologically advanced Bose Ride Seating was a big hit. The simulator lets riders experience life on road as a truck driver. The Bose Ride system in our trucks allows drivers to feel their best and focus on our customers. It uses a computerized motor to cushion and protect the driver which reduces the bouncing and jarring typically experienced in a heavy-duty truck. It also dramatically reduced driver fatigue. All of the kids had a blast on our simulator. We may have even found future R+L Carriers drivers!


The R+L Carriers Hometown Showcase is actively scheduling future events. Are you interested in having us attend the next event in your community? Contact us today!



8 Top Interview Questions for Software Developers

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software developers' interview

We have the the 8 top interview questions for software developers that you’ll want to be prepared to answer.

Interviews with prospective employers for your programming or software development job are already on your calendar?  That’s great!

Start prepping yourself for the kinds of questions that are going to be thrown your way instead of sitting there with your mouth wide open.

“What steps would you take to troubleshoot what is causing the issue?”

At the end of the day, you may be labeled a programmer or developer, but to employers, you’re the troubleshooting master that figures out what’s wrong and then diagnoses and fixes software issues. Quickly. Remember that your troubleshooting skills are more important than how you fix the problem at the end of the day. So your future employer needs to be confident you can go on a scavenger hunt to troubleshoot and then solve the problem.

“What’s the project you’re most proud of working on and why did you thrive while working on it?”

This question is used to gauge what you like and don’t like. But it also tells an employer a lot about what you like to work on, what you value as a developer and what you’re thinking about while you’re working on a project. Think about the type of answer you give because it says a lot about what you like to do. Make sure you give specifics of what you worked on and a scenario that shows a specific project you worked on alone and not as part of a team.

“What project did you enjoy working on the most and why?”

Give an honest answer. Don’t be afraid to tell prospective employers what you love to do. Why? Employers are using your answer to gauge what you enjoy doing so they can find a way to have you doing similar work for them. That’s because happy employees stay and work harder doing tasks they enjoy.

“What’s the project you’re least proud of and how could the outcome have been different?”

You have to make mistakes in order to learn, so don’t worry about this question. Make sure your answer gives a future employer an example of how you learned from your mistake and what you would do differently. Employers also want to gauge how you handle projects you’re not interested in.

“What experience do you have in the programming or developer field?”

software developers' interview

Exude confidence and positive energy when you talk so you come across as motivated and ready to get to work.

This is a tough one if you’re fresh out of college but it doesn’t have to be. Even if you’re answering questions for your first real job in your field, you should be showing up with a portfolio that that lists projects and open source contributions you’ve worked on. Surely your work there will impress and intrigue them. If you don’t have experience, explain what kinds of projects you would like to work on.

“What’s your greatest weakness?”

We all hate this question. Why? Because we’re forced to tell people something at which we don’t particularly excel. The best advice we can give is to be honest and emphasize what you’re doing to improve upon that weakness. Try saying something unique or funny when answering this question to stand out from other candidates and break the ice. If you’re diagnosing weaknesses, future employers think you can diagnose software issues too. See what we did there? Always remember you’re the problem solver and tailor your answer to remind employers you know how to solve issues.

“Why do you want to work for us and do you have any questions for us?”

Whatever you do, don’t start answering this question with the words: “No, I don’t think I have any questions right now.” Employers automatically think you’re disinterested in the job or their company. Do your homework on the company’s website. Come prepared with a list of questions you have about products and software the company uses. Ask about the company’s development process, the tools and languages the company uses and what kind of daily tasks you would be assigned if hired. Wow future employers and make sure they know their company is on your short list of places you want to work.

“Why should we hire you?”

Most people don’t like this question either. You don’t want to brag about yourself but you don’t want to undersell yourself either. Be prepared to rattle off some of your best traits without being a braggart. At the same time, exude confidence and positive energy when you talk so you come across as motivated and ready to get to work.

Did you know R+L Carriers is looking for talented entry level software developers? A family owned and operated company for 50 years, we offer a work environment that is fun and challenging. If you’re looking for a software development position in a company that values family, apply today for a position in our IMT Department at