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Banana Split Festival

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Nothing says summer like ice cream. For Wilmington, Ohio, nothing says summer like the Banana Split Festival. Every second weekend in June, Wilmington plays host to the Banana Split Festival at the JW Williams Park. R+L Carriers has been a sponsor in previous years, but this year was the first time the R+L Carriers Hometown Showcase participated.

RL Carriers

History of the Banana Split Festival

The Banana Split can be traced back to Wilmington, Ohio in the early 1900s. Ernest Hazard owned a restaurant in the city called Hazard’s. In an effort to attract Wilmington College students to his restaurant, he decided to create a new and unique dish. On a winter night in 1907, he offered up all his ingredients to his employees to come up with the most creative dish.

The winning dish, a peeled banana with three scoops of ice cream complete with all the fixings you could imagine. To top it off, whipped cream and two cherries on top! Ernest’s brother, Clifton would eventually coin the term Banana Split. According to Pennsylvania, they coined the term Banana Split a few years prior, but Wilmington, Ohio is having no part in that debate.

2016 Banana Split Festival

This year, the Banana Split Festival took place on June 10-11 at the JW Williams Park. The R+L Carriers Hometown Showcase showed support for our very own community by providing fun and games during the festival. It was also an opportunity to showcase our career opportunities.  At our headquarters in Wilmington, Ohio we have over 25 positions available and over 250 nationwide.

As with most events, our Cornhole Challenge was a hit. Those attending the festival could also take our scavenger hunt, which is designed to take people around the interactive hauler to find answers to questions related to R+L Carriers and the logistics industry.  At the end of the scavenger hunt, there is a short survey to fill out and then guest receive an official Hometown Showcase t-shirt.


The next stop for the Hometown Showcase will be back in Wilmington, Ohio for the Clinton County Fair, July 11-16. Are you interested in having the Hometown Showcase in your community for you next event? Check our online calendar and contact us today!

OHSAA Track & Field Championships

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Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium

The R+L Carriers Hometown Showcase continued its mission of “Delivering Opportunities to Students Across America”® over the weekend. Our 53 foot interactive trailer was on site at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium in Columbus, Ohio for the 2016 Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) Track & Field Championships.

Track & Field Championships

Athletes from around Ohio took to the track & field championships to compete. Four divisions competed; Division I, II, III and Seated Division. The Seated Division was added in 2012, when the OHSAA made the historic decision to approve eight wheelchair championship events.

Here are the complete results of the championships by division:

Hometown Showcase Activities

The heat was turned up outside and on the track. Rain delayed action for awhile on Saturday, but not for long. A few coaches from participating schools received an official Hometown Showcase water cooler. With the heat, they were very appreciative. Of course, our team was on hand to provide fun as well. Our Cornhole Challenge continues to be a big hit! Contestants who make the first bag in the hole receive a stadium seat. If you make the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th bag into the hole you receive a t-shirt or an official Hometown Showcase travel blanket.

Miami Trace

A few coaches from participating schools received an official Hometown Showcase water cooler. Pictured here (L-R) is a coach from Miami Trace, Dane Gordon and Daniel Carroll.

Those in attendance were also able to tour our trailer to learn more about the logistics industry and the various careers in which it offers. Our Hometown Scavenger Hunt is designed to help people learn more about logistics and R+L Carriers. By completing the Scavenger Hunt and taking a short career survey fans received a free Hometown Showcase t-shirt.

The next stop for the Hometown Showcase is the Banana Split Festival in Wilmington, Ohio. If you are interested in having the Hometown Showcase provide opportunities to your school or community, check our schedule online and contact us today for additional information!