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Logistics: Why it Should Be On Your Career Short List

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Logistics employees work both behind the scenes and on the front lines to make sure the transport of goods run smoothly.

Is logistics a good career option for you? We’ll give you the logistics career option rundown and explain why it should be at the top of your career choice list.

What is Logistics?

Logistics employees, known as logisticians, are in charge of a business or organization’s supply chain. The supply chain is a system of organization and people working together to move a product or service from a supplier to a customer. The bottom line: A logistics team works together to get a customer’s product from Point A to Point B cost effectively and safely. It’s like being a travel agent for shipments. Except it takes a team to get the job done. Employees work both behind the scenes and on the front lines to make sure the transport of goods run smoothly.

Logistics Job Duties

Logistics careers cater to several different skill sets. Whether you like to crunch numbers, talk directly with clients, develop technology tools or monitor shipments online, logistics has you covered.

Here’s just a sampling of logistics job titles:

Truck drivers, forklift operators and warehouse workers are all also part of a logistics team. Depending on which part of the logistics chain you’re entering, there’s typically a job for you no matter your education level or experience.

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R+L Carriers is seeking to fill open positions in logistics and technology among other positions.

Tech Opportunities with Logistics

Are you a tech junkie? A sucker for software? A programming extraordinaire? Logistics jobs are also ripe for career opportunities in technology. Software developers, software testers and programmers are in high demand for logistics companies that develop software used for transportation to help streamline the logistics process. These technology positions give those with technology backgrounds a new career option they should consider. These jobs allow those with technology backgrounds to use their skills to test software and develop and design software and hardware in a creative-based team work environment.

Logistics Jobs Are Booming

Just look at the numbers. Logistics jobs are expected to grow 22 percent a year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). That’s twice the 11 percent average growth rate for other occupations!

Less Competition for Logistics Jobs

While it’s a growing career option, the potential for logistics careers is still relatively unknown for many new grads, especially those graduating with technology backgrounds. What does that mean for you? Less competition for jobs. You’re welcome.

Job Demand is High

The logistics business is looking to fill approximately 1.4 million logistics jobs by 2018, so go get one of those jobs today. In today’s competitive job market, putting logistics job opportunities at the top of your list is a no brainer.

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A logistics team works together to get a customer’s product from Point A to Point B cost effectively and safely.

Logistics Jobs Are Exciting

If you hate sitting at your desk all day waiting for the clock to strike 5, you should consider a job in logistics. The variety of work is always interesting and you’ll stay busy throughout your work day. Ask any logistician. Every day is different and exciting.

Advancement Opportunities

Looking to get promoted quickly? There are opportunities for advancement in logistics. Quickly. Companies typically promote from within because current employees already know the ins and outs of their logistics operation.

Work Locations Vary

One of the best perks of working in the logistics industry is the opportunity to live and work in different places. Companies with a large logistics chain typically have offices in multiple cities in multiple states around the country. That gives you the freedom to choose where you want to work and play.

Apply Now

R+L Carriers is seeking to fill open positions in logistics and technology among other positions. Family owned and operated for 50 years, we offer a work environment that is both fun and challenging. R+L Global Logistics is comprised of the best transportation specialists in the industry and is seeking to fill a variety of positions.

If you’re looking for a position in a company that values family and fun, apply today for a position at our R+L Career Center.

Hometown Visits Two Ohio Communities

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The R+L Carriers Hometown Showcase hauler was on full display in two Ohio Communities last week. The first event took place on July 28 in Columbia Station at the Great Lakes Job Fair. On Saturday, July 30, we visited Touch-A-Truck in Maineville. Two different events, but the goal of delivering opportunity to communities was the same.

Great Lakes Job Fair

This annual event held at Great Lakes Truck Driving School featured companies recruiting truck drivers. R+L Carriers, a platinum sponsor for the event, is currently hiring truck drivers nationwide! Companies at the event were also seeking heavy equipment operators and oil and gas workers.

Men outside hauler

Truck drivers at the job fair were able to learn about R+L Carriers in an interactive way through watching videos inside the hauler and talking to company representatives about the various career opportunities. Learn more about becoming a driver for R+L Carriers by visiting our Career Center.


Every year in Hamilton Township kids have the opportunity to see and touch unique vehicles at this community wide event. The hometown showcase hauler was a big hit with not only the kids, but with adults too!

Outside the hauler

Of course we offered games like cornhole and the scavenger hunt for fun, but we also got to see the next generation interact with the transportation and logistics industry. The future of our industry was in attendance, even if one of them saw the hauler and chooses to work in one of the various career opportunities in transportation and logistics because of our impact, it’s worth it!

If you missed us last week at these two events, visit us at the Careers in Trucking Hiring Event at the Ohio Business College Truck Driving Academy. If you are interested in having the Hometown Showcase roll into your next community event, contact us today!