Student Achievement Winners

The R+L Carriers Hometown Achievement Award is an opportunity for teachers and administrators to recognize students that make a difference in their school and community. This award showcases a student who demonstrates sportsmanship, academic excellence, exceptional character, and a commitment to their community. These students don’t have to be athletes, but they are an example to their peers of how a positive attitude can power through adversity. Hometown Achievement Award recipients demonstrate the qualities that make their community special and worth showcasing.
Makenna L Fairfield High School
Grant P. Washington Court House High School
Marcy M. Hillsboro High School
Emma L. Hillsboro High School
Sarah W. Hillsboro High School
Bucky H. McDonald County High
Josh P. Crestview High School
Madison K. Greeneview High School
Tyler M. Elsinore High School
Caleb W. Lakeside High School
Alex Y. Temescal High School
Tim Taylor Springfield High School
Alyssa Z. Clinton Massie High School
Jerusha P. Bishop Harley High School
Ely S. Wilmington High School