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blog-feat-imgSoon, R+L Carriers will be helping to deliver more than freight. We’re coming to a school near you to help deliver your future! Starting in the next few months, the R+L Hometown Showcase will be traveling to schools across the country to host high school and community events. Our goal is simple; support communities, highlight careers available in the logistics industry at R+L and provide high school students with scholarships to further their education. By working together, we can impact your community together!

Community Centered

We’re bringing the action to your community. Upon arrival, the school and community will get a chance to see our Hometown Showcase hauler. The hauler will be the hub for our scholarship information, career opportunities and activities.  We will also be tailgating at these events, providing games and activities for everyone who attends. You will also have an opportunity to talk with Wade and Nancy, our all star hauler driving team. They’ve traveled the country with our NASCAR Race Car Hauler, and will now be driving our Hometown Showcase truck. Since February 2011 they have been to 242 cities, and are looking to add to that total with your community.

Scholarship opportunities

R+L will be providing a scholarship to one applicant from each event that is on our Hometown Showcase tour. Scholarships are a vital part in the educational plans of high school students, and we want to help. Students wishing to apply for these scholarships should provide their name and email address on our contact form so we can follow up with more details.

Career Focused

The logistics industry is a world full of fast moving parts and we want to highlight the opportunities available. Providing information on careers in logistics and at R+L will be an important component of the Hometown Showcase. At each stop, logistics professionals will be on hand to share their experiences from the road and the office. Our blog, The Cheering Section, will be a great resource for high school students looking for advice on preparing for college and their career.

Are you ready for the Hometown Showcase in your community? We are now taking applications from communities who would like to be scheduled on our tour. Sign up now to help us deliver your future!

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