Fairfield High School Students Get Recognized

A primary component of the R+L Carriers Hometown Showcase is investing in the future of high school students across America. One way we support our mission is by providing college scholarships and career opportunities to students at the institutions we visit, and the special events that we attend. We believe continuing education and specialized training is critical when preparing for the future.

Fairfield High School

On January 26, 2018, the Hometown Showcase arrived at Fairfield High School located in Leesburg, Ohio.  The Fairfield High School motto is “ Excellence, Preparation for Life, Opportunities for All.” This reminds students that the effort they put into their education from the beginning of each day, of each school year, will reap rewards later in life.  The Hometown Showcase advocates the very same and believes that we are champions of our own success. We quickly realized the connection we had with the students, faculty, and staff. The Hometown Showcase could not be more pleased to partner with Fairfield High School for this initiative.

Fairfield High School

Fairfield High School students Cody and Makenna were recognized for their outstanding for their work at school and in the community.

Students were able to tour our interactive hauler throughout the day and our team was on hand to discuss career opportunities that exist within logistics and commercial transportation. When most students hear about commercial transportation companies such as R+L Carriers, they quickly associate the entire industry with the truck driving profession. In reality, the logistics industry must leverage experts from numerous fields such as accounting, marketing, mechanics, IT and sales.

Achievement and Scholarship Awards

This past December, we had the opportunity to see Fairfield High School Boys Varsity Basketball participate in the Ohio Valley Hoops Classic. During our visit to the school in January, we were able to watch the team play again and at halftime, we presented two students with the Hometown Achievement Award and a $1,000 Scholarship.

Cody G: Hometown Achievement Award Winner

Cody Fairfield High School

Cody G received the Hometown Achievement Award.

Cody is a senior at Fairfield and has played baseball and basketball for four years. He also volunteers to assist in maintaining the baseball fields at the school. Cody displays excellent sportsmanship, assists in numerous community and school-related activities and has always been a leader in his actions and words. Congrats, Cody!

Makenna L: Hometown  Scholarship Recipient

Makenna Fairfield High School

Makenna L was the Hometown Showcase Scholarship recipient.

Makenna was the recipient of the $1,000 Hometown Showcase scholarship. She is a senior at Fairfield who plans to attend Northern Kentucky University and pursue an education degree, with an ultimate goal of becoming a social studies teacher. Makenna has been on the Gold Team, in National Honor Society, student council, band, yearbook staff and works with the athletic department. Congrats, Makenna.

Achievement and scholarship recipients are not required to be athletes, but they must demonstrate outstanding qualities that contribute to making their community special. If you would like to nominate a student in your community who deserves recognition for outstanding achievement, contact us today!


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