What Kind of Work Environment Will You Thrive In?

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We have 4 tips to help you decide what kind of company work environment will make you happy.

Your graduation day is around the corner and you’re about to head into the work force. Full Time. You’re going to be spending between 40-50 hours a week at work, meaning you’ll be spending more time with co-workers than most family members or college friends soon. Once you take a deep breath and let that sink in, you’ll realize a company’s culture has a lot to do with how happy you’ll be during those hours. Here’s 4 tips to help you decide what kind of company work environment will make you happy.

Check the Company’s Web Site

Part of your job interview research includes checking out the company’s web site. When you’re doing your research, look for dedicated pages that explain what the company does, explains who they are and their values and company culture. Many company web sites have these pages buried in and around the job employment or job openings web pages. Do some digging.

Check the Company Social Media Presence

You’ll also want to scan a company’s social media accounts. These are great sites to investigate what the company is really doing behind the scenes and what they share with the public. Companies that post get- togethers with employees participating in basketball free-throw tournaments, crazy hat and crazy sock day and other fun rituals might make you realize this is a company that’s able to have a little fun while they work. How open are they to dialogue on the pages too? Are they responding to comments and questions? This will tell you a lot about the company’s philosophy and customer service culture.

Ask Questions During Your Interview

We know you’re prepared for your interview with questions about the company that will impress prospective employers. But dig a little deeper to learn about their culture. Here are some questions to try and find out more:

  • Describe what working at this company is like?
  • What’s your favorite part about working here?
  • How many hours a week do you spend at work?
  • Do any of you get together after work?

If you’re being interviewed by several different people, make sure you ask these questions and other questions to as many employees as possible so you can get a better feel for the company’s culture.

Work Enviroment

R+L Carriers is looking for talented software developers among other positions.

You’ll also want to find out as much as possible about the company’s work assignments during your interview. Find out what kind of projects the company is working on to gauge if you’ll be a good fit. Get examples of projects and assess them so you’re comfortable that you can make an impact with the work assignments handed to you.

Movin’ On Up

Not only do you want to find out more about the culture of the company for new hires, but you want to know if you have a future there too. Whether it’s a family-owned or privately owned company, you want to make sure there’s room for you to grow, by exploring options for both technical advancement and achieving leadership roles. Employers are looking for employees that want to grow technically and become more proficient.

Apply Now

R+L Carriers is looking for talented software developers among other positions. Family owned and operated for 50 years, we offer a work environment that is both fun and challenging. If you’re looking for a technology position in a company that values family and fun, apply today for a position in our IMT Department at careers.rlcarriers.com/imt.

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